11 Apr. 1944

Telegram nº 27 from the Portuguese Legation in Budapest communicating rental of a house for the Legation in Galgagyoerk, 50 km from Budapest informing that ”hundreds of people from countries represented here come to the Consulate every requesting our Consul’s protection. I will continue refuse it unless otherwise instructed by you… All this the political persecution and the Jewish question seriously worsens the situation. I know from people at Foreign Ministry to whom I said I was going to Lisbon for talks and leave have interpreted this as a sign of an interruption in diplomatic relations with the current government, if I am not replaced by a Secretary. As I am sure you do not wish this impression to continue I have stated that I await arrival of Secretary with the position of Charge d’affaires”.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection of Telegrams to Budapest)
In documents: Sampaio Garrido e Teixeira Branquinho