29 Oct. 1944

Telegram nº 204 from the Portuguese Legation in Budapest to the MNE in which the Charge d’affaires communicates his departure from Budapest “in two diplomatic vehicles to Bregenz, Swiss border, with my wife, Mr. and Mrs. Gabor, Mrs. Tillmann and her daughter Agnes, Mr. Paulo Szasz and the driver, Victor Smick… please inform the Portuguese Minister in Bern of this telegram and say that Dr. Egry did not need a Swiss visa, Mr. Wertheimstein will await said visa in Buchs and the remaining refugees, Oscar, Rudolf and Rosa Guttmann hope that granting of transit visa Switzerland will be telegraphed urgently Swiss Legation Budapest.

(AHD – Collection Telegrams from Budapest)
In documents: Sampaio Garrido e Teixeira Branquinho