28 Jun. 1944

Telegram nº 88 from the Portuguese Legation in Budapest to the MNE communicating reactivation of American air raids, interpreted by the Hungarian government as reprisals for deportation of Jews “now under full preparation in this capital”.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection of Telegrams from Budapest)

27 Jun. 1944

Telegram nº 23 from Sampaio Garrido in Bern to Secretary General of the MNE saying that he awaits German authorization to cross France to return to Portugal and about the situation in Hungary: “I am sure Charge d’affaires has already informed you good will Prime Minister but I doubt successful outcome without intervention of Portuguese government with the German government…The lives of refugees whose situation is becoming increasingly tormented depends on your good will and decisive influence”.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection of Telegrams from Bern)

26 Jun. 1944

Confidential telegram nº 35 from the MNE to Portuguese Legation in Budapest with additional general order instructions about refugees: “one point you must not miss is that although we desire to save as many lives possible and ease the suffering people guilty only of racial or political charges, we must not extend our protection to such an extent that instead of benefiting some with endanger others and the very principle of diplomatic asylum and the protection we have granted”.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection of Telegrams to Budapest)