20 Apr. 1945

Information/Summary by Teixeira Branquinho describing the procedures and organization set up in Budapest to support Portugal’s protection of the Jews in Hungary.

(AHD – 2º P., A. 47, M 157)


Translation of a few excerpts from a letter received from Count Poncgraz to whom Jules Gulden entrusted the Portuguese Legation in Budapest, recounting the attack on the Legation by the SS on 1 January 1945 and the kidnapping of the Jewish refugees.

(AHO – 2º P., A. 47, M 157)


“Mission to Budapest”, a report by Teixeira Branquinho, describing the situation on the date of his departure from Budapest.

(AHD – Collection of Reports and Monographs)

18 Dec. 1944

Letter from Jules Gulden, former vice-consul of Portugal in Budapest, in charge of daily affairs at the Portuguese Legation in Hungary, addressed from Geneva, recounting his departure from Hungary and the situation of the Jews protected by the Portuguese government.

(AHD – 2º P., A. 49, M 112)

12 Dec. 1944

Telegram nº 321 from the MNE to the Portuguese Legation in Berlin saying that two Jewish children bearing Portuguese passports, children of a Legation employee, had been arrested and giving instructions to obtain from the German Foreign Ministry the assurance of the interest of the German Minister In Budapest in this case.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection Telegrams to Berlin)