14 Aug. 1944

Confidential telegram nº 132 from the Legation in Budapest on the situation of the Jews under foreign protection: “Currently Hungarian authorities only accept foreign protection Hungarian Semites on exhibition of any type of passport protector country… Problem therefore implies responsibility whose future consequences cannot be foreseen and which admit possibility of Hungarian government justly demanding one day to next that such Semites depart for protector country. Swedish Minister does not believe that German authorities will allow them to leave …he received instructions to maintain attitude so far. Has even raised the number of people protected by his Legation from 700 to 3 000… Swiss Minister preparing departure of about 30 000 Semites to Palestine Switzerland and other countries. Nunciature has worked to ensure that baptized are not deported Germany promising German authorities to consent to intern in Hungarian camps those baptized before August 1941. All neutral Legations have taken in exiles”.

(AHD – Cipher, Collection Telegrams from Budapest)
In documents: Sampaio Garrido e Teixeira Branquinho