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Diplomatic Curriculum

Sousa Mendes, Aristides de

(Aristides de Sousa Mendes do Amaral e Abranches):

Born 19 July 1885; degree in law; following competition, appointed consul (2nd class), 12 May 1910 in Demerara; in Galicia, 19 July 1911; at the Ministry on 24 August of that same year; consul-general in Zanzibar on 26 of the same month and the same year; consul in Curitiba, 13 February 1918; Consul (1st class) 20 June of the same year; interim head of the Consulate in San Francisco, 11 June 1921; of the Consulate in Maranhão, 2 April 1924, of the Consulate in Porto Alegre, 14 November of that same year; working in Lisbon at the Directorate General of Economic and Consular Affairs, 29 January 1926; consul in Vigo, 29 March 1927; consul-general in Genoa, 2 May 1929 (did not take office); consul-general in Antwerp, 7 September of that same year; consul-general in Bordeaux, 1 August 1938; out of duty due to service reasons, 27 July 1940; disciplinary sentencing with one year’s suspension on half-pay, after which to be compulsorily retired – D. G. II Series, 18/11/1940; awaiting retirement, 20 March 1941.

Grand Cross of the Order of Christ (posthumous);Officer of the Order of Liberty (posthumous); Commander of the Order of the Crown of Belgium; Officer of the Order of Leopold of Belgium; Brilliant Star of Zanzibar (2nd Class); Cross of merit of the Portuguese Red Cross.